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If you’re a social media junkie, then Pinterest is old hat to you by now.  I find it amazing how something that is less than 2 years old can be considered “old hat,” but in the world of technology, if you aren’t an early adopter, then you’re already late to the party.  I resisted the urge to pin, saying that I had too many sites, too many profiles, too little time… but my dear friend Lisa Trosien told me that it would be worth it.

Never again shall I question the social media judgment of Lisa Trosien.PinThis

Pinterest is like internet crack on steroids!  I craft, cook, sew, and tend to DIY a lot around the house, so for me, it is an endless source of really good ideas and projects.

But for you, a multifamily professional, it can be SO MUCH MORE – if you know who to follow.

Here are 4 apartment industry pinners that I would point you to and why: The first, and by far most brilliant use of Pinterest I’ve seen thus far, is the folks over at Weidner Apartments.  They have set up boards for all of the major cities and metro areas that they have properties in full of local, relevant content, ideas, things to do, and more.  Not that I’m shocked by this, mind you.  They do have the mind of Laurel Zacher at their disposal, and that’s one powerful multifamily marketing asset! And if you think she’s as smart as I do, then check out her Pinterest page, too.

Next, follow that apartment expert I mentioned earlier – the multifamily minded Lisa Trosien.  In her tried and true fashion, Lisa has pinned great ideas that are practical, executable, and just plain smart!  She has boards for resident events, leasing tips, service ideas, model ideas, and so much more – well worth space on your follow list!

Also leave space on your list for the next pinner – The Texas Apartment Association.  TAA has done some brilliant work with Pinterest, using it as a tool to do everything from encourage apartment living, to show creativity in the industry, to promote their amazing state conference, and more!  I love the fact that they have a board dedicated to multifamily bloggers, and that they have one talking about careers in the multifamily industry (apartment careers month holds a very special place in my own heart!)  This is one NAA affiliate that has jumped on a cool new resource, and executed it VERY WELL, gaining over 200 followers!

Finally, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Brent Williams over at Multifamily Insiders.  Brent has put together a fantastic compilation of boards covering tons of topics, many of which also show you his unique sense of humor.  He has great ideas here for leasing, resident events and retention, and even promotional information for the webinars that MFI conducts – which are usually full of FANTASTIC information, by the way.

So there you have it – a good starting point on pinning in the Multifamily Industry.  Oh, and if you want to follow me, you can find my boards here, though what you will see a lot of is recipes, gardening ideas, and shoes.

And for those of you who are like me, I also want to pass along a link to the blog Pinstrosity.  It is hilarious, and I love it – it makes me feel less bad when my Pinterest projects turn out looking …like pinstrosities.