Small Manager Meetings

**Available in the Seattle area ONLY**

Looking for a way to make the most of your monthly manager’s meeting?  Bring me in to give your teams some energy, enthusiasm, and education, or even to facilitate a great discussion between your employees.  These 60-90 minute sessions are just right for the small manager meetings most portfolios hold each month and they’re at a reduced price from my usual full or half day rate.  Right now, the curricula that are available for local manager’s meetings are the abridged versions of the classes from my “Affair with Your Career” series:

  • I Can Tell When You’re Faking It!  – How to stop going through the motions, Reengage with your career, and Lead others to do the same
  • Beyond a Warm Body – How to hire the right person for your team dynamic
  • Was it Good for You, Too? – How to boost your own employee and job satisfaction, and how to inspire it in others
  • The Troubles of Being on Top – Management and Leadership issues
  • Don’t Be So Quiet When You’re On the Bottom – Effecting Organizational Change from a Grass Roots Base