Shopping Services

Shops are one of my favorite educational tools to work with!

Shopping your associates is a great way to keep a bead on how they’re actively representing your brand on a day to day basis.  While there are a lot of companies that can do mystery shopping for you, contracting with a consultant allows you to look for more in depth problems, like response time, phone behavior, clarity of directions and information, etc.  Not only will I use the shopping matrix that your company desires, or help you build one if needed, but I will also offer a shop analysis report so that the information gained can be used to aid the professional development of your associates, not just to track data.

Whether it’s seeing what your email responses look like to the rest of the world or finding out if your consultants are engaging on the phone, I take a thorough approach to shopping your property.  And  I’m  willing to throw your people a curve ball – difficult to please shopper personalities, questions about privacy and fair housing that aren’t as easy to spot, or anything else you want to see if your people can handle, I’m up for it!  On-Site shops are only available for properties in Western Washington (Seattle/Tacoma area), or by special contract for other areas of the country, while phone and internet shops are available nationwide and in Canada.  Call for pricing structures and rates.