How Heather Can Help You

This page is a brief and general overview of all the services I offer.  If you’re looking for in depth information on any of the areas listed below, please click the links or the options on the drop down menu under “How Heather Can Help You”

Conference and Trade Show Presentation

I can be booked to speak at your company or association’s conference or trade-show either as a classroom presenter or as a keynote speaker!  I have shared my messages with several trade shows and hundreds of multifamily professionals in the past and whether I’m talking on resident retention, conflict resolution, employee retention or marketing, my audiences always come away with great information and a contagious sense of energy to put plans in motion!

Workshops, Classes, and Seminars

I offer a wide variety of ready-to-go curricula in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • People Management
  • Marketing
  • Closing the Sale
  • Fair Housing
  • Recruiting and Hiring a Talented Team
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Relationship Management
  • Managing Difficult Teams
  • Professional Development
  • Train the Trainer
  • Team Building
  • Goal Setting
  • Applicable Psychology and Sociology Principles for Property Management
  • Basic Leasing and Sales
  • Advanced Sales and Occupancy
  • Resident Retention
  • Grass Roots Marketing
  • Leading a Diverse Team
  • Social Media

Besides the above listed topics, I am always open to creating a custom curriculum for your company, association, or event in any of the following areas:

  • Niche Marketing
  • Traffic Generation
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Resident Retention
  • Resident Events
  • Resident Relations Issues
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Conflict Resolution
  • People Management
  • Green Issues
  • New Tech
  • Upcoming Trends


Small Manager’s Meetings

**Available in the Seattle area ONLY or by special contract**

Looking for a way to make the most of your monthly manager’s meeting?  Bring me in to give your teams some energy, enthusiasm, and education!  These 60-90 minute sessions are just right for the small manager meetings most portfolios hold each month and they’re at a reduced price from my usual full or half day rate.  Right now, the curricula that are available for local manager’s meetings are the abridged versions of the classes from my “Affair with Your Career” series:

  • I Can Tell When You’re Faking It!  – How to stop going through the motions, Reengage with your career, and Lead others to do the same
  • Beyond a Warm Body – How to hire the right person for your team dynamic
  • Was it Good for You, Too? – How to boost your own employee and job satisfaction, and how to inspire it in others
  • The Troubles of Being on Top – Management and Leadership issues
  • Don’t Be So Quiet When You’re On the Bottom – Effecting Organizational Change from a Grass Roots Base


Consulting Services

With a unique perspective on people management and educational/professional development, I have proven to be an invaluable resource for my clients.  I advise clients on everything from Restructuring and updating training departments and professional development programs, planning and executing resident and marketing events, increasing the effectiveness of their employee review processes,  overall marketing and traffic generation, employee engagement and retention, resident retention and relations issues, social media engagement plans, conflict resolution and people management.


Conference Calls and Idea Spinning Sessions

Whether you need some brainstorming power on new marketing ideas, team building, advice on how to handle an employee situation or help with another common problem on the people end of the spectrum, I’m more than happy to pitch in. Brainstorming and idea spinning is one of the areas that I excel in, so please see me as a resource for your teams!


Team Building and Goal Setting Workshops

For a team to be productive, they’ve all got to be moving towards the same goal, and to get them all in the right direction, you first have to get them all working together. I will take your team through some simple exercises to help them better relate and communicate with each other, and then, as a team, I will help them formulate interlaced goals for the next 6 months that focus on current trends, outstanding improvements that need to be made, management direction and accountability to each other.


On-site Team Assessment

Have you been running in to problems with your team, but you can’t quite put your finger on it?  90% of people management problems come down to communication, and the answer is rarely just as easy as firing someone.  Let me take a look at how things are running with your property, and use my unique set of skills to reopen the lines of communication with your staff.  The On-site Team Assessment works well in combination with a Team Building and Goal Setting Workshop.


Special Projects Contracting

Need to re-brand your whole community?  What about your whole portfolio?  Want to redevelop or develop for the first time a professional development and training department?  Getting ready to jump in to the deep waters of Social Media with your marketing?  These kinds of big projects take a different kind of commitment from your consultant, and it’s one that I am more than happy to make for you.  Due to the nature of this type of job, there are only a limited amount of SPCs I can take in a given quarter, so it is available on a first come first serve basis.  A retainer fee is almost always recommended, but not required, as the way to go on this sort of arrangement.


Shopping Services

Shopping your associates is a great way to keep a bead on how they’re actively representing your brand on a day to day basis.  While there are a lot of companies that can do mystery shopping for you, contracting with a consultant allows you to look for more in depth problems, like response time, phone behavior, clarity of directions and information, etc.  Not only will I use the shopping matrix that your company desires, or help you build one if needed, but I will also offer a shop analysis report so that the information gained can be used to aid the professional development of your associates, not just to track data.


Research Analysis and Writing

Are you looking for content?  Do you have a project coming up that you’d like to outsource the research on?  Do you need editing services or a writing coach? I’m a great researcher of raw data, and can take your project a step further by interpreting it for you as well.  If it’s content you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.  I love to write for both web content and print publications.  Please talk to me about your project and we can discuss the compensation structure.